The health of LGBTI+ people and the COVID-19 pandemic: A call for visibility and health responses in Latin America

We have an open letter written by a group of professionals from Latin America drawing our attention to the deteriorating health inequalities and increasing discrimination of LGBTI+ community under the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to use this opportunity to raise your awareness and necessary action to address the importance of the lack of visibility of LGBTI+ in the healthcare system as well as in other socio-economic and political systems and see how different systems around the world have been affected by COVID-19 and how hard it has impacted on the LGBTI+ community.

Autoria: Marcos Signorelli, Rodrigo Otavio Moretti-Pires, Daniel Canavese de Oliveira, Richard Miskolci, Mauricio Polidoro, Pedro Paulo Gomes Pereira
Tema: Saúde LGBTI+ e COVID-19
Instituição: ABRASCO (GT de Saúde da População LGBTI+)



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